P4 Homework Project

Our topic this term has been natural disasters and adverse weather. The homework for the next few weeks is to complete a project. You will have to do a poster, booklet or a model. You will  have to present your project in class on Monday 27th or Tuesday 28th June. You are able to work with a partner but not in trios, if you decide to work with a partner, you will have to do a model along with a booklet or poster.

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Here are some useful website you may wish to use:

Home Page


I have attached some photos of examples. You can be as creative as you want!


Science Week – P4

As part of Science week, we have been learning about ‘Earth and Beyond’. Today we have been learning about how our Earth spins and orbits the sun to give us night and day and our seasons. We have been practicing to make sundials.

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Primary 3 – Gym Kit

Sorry for the moan but could you please make sure that your child has a pair of shorts and a T-shirt for PE. There were 9 children out of a class of 29 without the proper gym kits this week! The kit can stay in school for the term so that when PE has changed days, the kit is still there.

Also could you please make sure that your child has appropriate indoor shoes for running and jumping in the gym hall. Slippers and slip on pumps are not working and shoes are falling off feet and children are falling over trying to do activities.  Good old close fitting black gym shoes or trainers that can be worn indoors are great and will avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Thank you.


At the end of last term, Primary Three were very busy using their ICT research skills and found out what an Ancient Egyptian Shaduf was.  They then used this knowledge and worked together in pairs to design and build their very own Shaduf using limited resources and lots of imagination.  There was a prize for the winning pair that had planned and build the most realistic structure that hit all of their learning targets and success criteria.

P3 and Calley Thistle!

P3 worked with Inverness Caledonian Thistle during PE to improve on ball skills and listening skills.

We had great fun!


Finished Pictish Round Houses

Here are the finished creations!DSC00185

Pictish Round Houses

P4/5 have been designing Pictish Round Houses. They have been working in trios to problem solve.

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Blythswood Shoebox Appeal

We are looking for completed shoeboxes for our appeal, if you are unable to fill a box then you can still take part and support the appeal by bringing in a few items, wrapping paper or spare shoeboxes. Any items received will be made up into complete boxes. Your child recently took home a leaflet with information about what can be included in the box. We are looking for things like hats and gloves, scarfs, toy cars or dolls, sweets (no chocolate), toothbrushes, toothpaste, face cloths and soap. Thanks in advance and we will keep you updated with our appeal.

Captain Hay Visit

Last week Captain Robbie Hay visited P3 and taught the children about boats and how to tie reef and a figure of eight knot. We all had a fantastic time boat building and knot tying.



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P4 & P4/5 Trip to Craig Phadrig

Last week we had a trip up to Craig Phadrig. We all had a fantastic day and were lucky enough to have the sun shining all day!
‘We learnt about the Giant’s chair and how the giants used to throw boulders at each other’ – Chloe and Anna.
‘We had an incredible, amazing, super time’ – Billy and Daniel.
‘There was a long walk ahead of us, but it was worth it because we reached the top of the fort and had a great lunch’ Marysia and Kai.
‘When we reached the top of the fort we learned it was 374 steps’ – Luke and Josh.
‘We met Lucy and Mr Anderson who gave us a drink when we got to the top’ – Paige and Aiyana
‘ We learned how the Pict fort burnt down’ – Cameron, Maia and Ben
‘We liked walking around the fort’ – Harrison and Sophie.
‘We all had our photos taken by the Giants chair’ – John and Finley
‘Mr Anderson took photos of being Pictish warriors’ – Ashna and Iain
‘There were quite a few us who slipped down into the bushes, Mrs Gladstone and Miss Dickson had to rescue us!’ – John

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